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Hello everyone and welcome to my page. My name is Olivia, a millennial mum to a toddler who works full time and loves her job. I set up this platform as a source for the kind of knowledge and inspiration that I would have wanted a couple of years ago when I felt confused, lonely, broke, and depressed. Having my daughter changed my life in ways that I never would have expected, I enjoy spending a lot of time with her, but realised that I also wanted to have a fulfilling career (and some money).

So I made a decision to change things! It took a lot of hustling, researching and networking, but at this stage in my life I feel a lot more confident. I still get to spend time with my family and friends, I'm able to fulfill my achievements, and in a much healthier place financially. But looking back, it didn't have to take as long as it did had there been a platform for like-minded mums - mums who want a thriving career as well as a happy home.    

My mission is to support other mums expedite through these hard times, provide them with tips and guidance on improving their financial health, and most importantly feel good about their choices. I have been there, and sometimes still have moments where life wants to test me, but I power through it with the tools I have in my back pocket and my community.

They say that every dog has it's day - meaning that everyone will have success at some point in their lives, and this definitely rings true. With the right support, I strongly believe that every mum can and will have her day too!  

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