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5 practical questions to help figure out your passion

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

So you have decided that you would like to run your own business, and you keep hearing the cliché “chose your passion you will never work a day in your life”. Which has meaning to it, but how do you decide what your passion is? For some, a blanket statement just isn’t enough. Below I am going to share with you some helpful points to get the ball rolling and get you brainstorming on finding your passion.

What are your personal values?

With this one, think about your discussions with you friends and what topics tend to get you heated, or make you feel good; is it simplicity, is it health, is it diversity in the workplace, is it environmental sustainability. There are too many examples to list, but I am sure you get the gist. When you are reacting to a video or when you are judging someone or something, what factors are coming into play that make you say what you are saying or decide what you are deciding.

To demonstrate, let's take Jane Malyone as an example. She wrote her book Play Nicely!: Best Business, around her philosophy of kindness and bringing out the best in people. She even built her brand The English Cream Tea Company, based on her desire to bring out the best in everyone after noticing that people seemed to always be on their best behaviours when dining out. She literally took the idea of being nice, and developed products that express this value (1).

What do you find yourself doing in your spare time?

I think I need to rephrase that question…. what DID you find yourself doing in your spare time. Don’t dismiss anything, it can be something as small as reading books on your commute to work or doing nail arts, or helping your friends with their CV. If you regularly did these activities, chances are you really enjoyed them and this could be a niche area for you to explore. Have a think about what’s already out there and how you (as the experienced connoisseur you are) can make it easier/faster/personalised/more accessible/cheaper etc for consumers.

What do you enjoy spending extra money and time on?

Is there something that you are happy to spend a bit more coin on than the average Jane? An example could be decorating your home for Christmas. If you are happy to splurge a bit on decorations and also time in putting together an extravagantly decorated home, then perhaps being an interior decorator is an option you can begin to think about.

Without realising it, your passion may have already been presenting itself to you over and over again. Some people are happy to pay more for hair extensions, planners, children’s toys, the possibilities are endless. Just have a quick wiz around your home and see what you have invested a bit of money or time on and take it from there. You obviously have a good eye for value in that area so why not become an expert in it… officially.

What activities are you very proud/excited about?

You may have something that you are always very happy to share with others. It can be your dress sense, your eye for photography, or your cooking skills.

Another high-profile example would be Nadiya Hussain, who rose to fame after her appearance on the Great British Bake off. She is now a reputable chef and cookbook author with a huge following, all because she really liked to bake (2).

What role do you tend to assume when you are in a group ?

When you and your friends/family have decided to throw a party or go on a trip, what role do you often finding yourself assuming or volunteering? Is it the organiser, the researcher, the co-ordinator, the decorator, the DJ, the kids entertainer, the quiz master. There are people out there who are charging for these services, so who says you can’t start a business doing the same thing especially if you keep getting commended for doing a great job each time.


You’ll notice that all of these questions prompt you to explore yourself inwardly. It’s not about what others want from you or what they think you should do, because it’s only you who has experienced that flame inside yourself and only you who will ever know what ignites it. I personally created this blog because I truly want mothers to live a fulfilling life on their own terms. And you are the only person who can truly make yourself feel fulfilled.

Albeit finding your passion is rewarding, it goes without saying that unless you have a huge chunk of cash you are sitting on, you will have to first make sure you have an income for yourself and your family first before starting a new business. It can take months before you start to reap any rewards, and as a parent, financial stress is the last thing you need. But once this is in order, make a promise to yourself, and see to it that you end up framing that lovely picture of the moment you reached your goal!

Thanks for reading this post. I really appreciate the support. And if you'd like, head on over to my Pinterest and Instagram page for more inspirational content.


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