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To work or no to work: why we need to respect each other's choice

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Given the nature of this blog, I thought it would be most appropriate to first write about the choice of either being a working mother or a stay at home mother (SAHM), as I know this decision can sometimes polarise mums.

Historically, being a SAHM was the norm in a lot of households. Choosing to be a working mother started to become an option in the 20th century, and between 1971 and 2014, and it 2019, it was revealed that 3/4 of mothers with dependants were in work, up from 2/3 at the begining of the century (1). With these trends, today's SAHMs can be considered as going against the grain. Yet equally speaking, traditional ideas can be interpreted as projecting negative opinions towards working mothers (2).

Personal preference

Let’s be honest…. we all do things because we expect certain rewards, and how those rewards are experienced is entirely subjective. Some mums can decide not to work, because to them, solely raising their families is more important, whilst other mums value all the extras that come with having a career. (Side note: I understand that some mothers work out of necessity, but there comes a point where she is working for the “nice-to-haves”…. nothing wrong with this, I’m just saying). Although both choices are fine, personal ego can delude members to believe that their perspective is THE TRUTH, and judgment ensues. The funny thing is, the person that’s judging doesn’t like to get judged either.

We all come from different walks of life and have had unique experiences that will shape our view towards life differently from one another. Like cookies, no two mothers are ever exactly the same, and this needs to be appreciated as our individual qualities can help one another.

The bottom line is that most parents are naturally going to share what they have with their children, whether it be time, experience, resources, lessons, you name it. If the mother believes it’s of benefit to the child, she will do what she can to support, in her own way!


This platform is mainly set up for mothers who have decided that they would like to pursue a professional career whilst still looking after their little ones. I feel the need to stress this, as I would like a community of mothers who appreciate each other despite their lifestyles. There is no “team this” or “team that”, we are all just mothers who are doing what we think is best for our families.

Thank you for reading my post, and if you are ever in town, swing by my Instagram and Pinterest page for more inspirational content x


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