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This website (Site) is owned by Every Mum Has Her Day (Owner), and trust and transparency are very important to us. To ensure you (the Visitor) are kept safe, we have outlined below our Privacy Policies and Disclosures of using this site.


The views expressed on this website derive from personal experiences and are meant to serve as an honest guide. Unless otherwise stated, the Site Owner is not providing legal or professional advice on any of the topics discussed throughout the website. The information and resources shared by Every Mum Has Her Day can be used as guides only and the Site Owner cannot be held liable for any adverse outcomes.

The website Every Mum Has Her Day will be continuously monitored however, the Site Owner will not be held liable for any commentary left by any Visitor to the Site.

GDPR Compliance Statement

Every Mum Has Her Day is committed to adhering to the GDPR regulations. Data is collected via subscribing to our newsletter, signing up for additional Content, Cookies and Log files. In addition to the UK-GDPR 2020 regulation, Every Mum Has Her Day stipulates that:

  • Any personal data gathered via the Site or any of its social media profiles will be kept securely and never be sold to a third party company

  • Contact details of any Winner from a competition hosted by Every Mum Has Her Day may have their personal details shared with a 3rd party company for the purpose of delivering any prize due. By entering into a competition, consent to this sub-clause is given by the User

  • Users have a right to see what personal data of theirs is held by Every Mum Has Her Day, and the right to request any amendments

  • Users of the Site have the right to withdraw consent, and the right to be forgotten

  • If you have any questions or concerns about Every Mum Has Her Day’s GDPR compliancy, please contact

Cookie disclosure

When you visit the Site, “cookie” technology will be enabled to improve your experience of the Site. Cookies are small pieces of data that are issued to your browsing device, and usually monitor for security, site performance and User preferences. Many of these Cookies only last for the duration of your time on the Site.

This site is affiliated with Google AdSense for the purposes of placing interest-based advertising on the Site. User IP addresses, browsing histories, website preferences, device location, and even device preferences all are collected by Google. However, data Google collects from Users is protected by privacy laws.

You can amend these Cookie settings by adjusting them in your browser settings.

Paid insertions

From time to time, affiliate links will be placed on this website or its social media profiles. Any purchases made from these links will result in a small commission for the Site, with no additional charge to the Buyer. All recommendations are genuine and will have been consumed by the Author first-hand.

Any articles that contain paid promotion will be clearly mentioned at the beginning of the article, to align with the Advertising Standards Authority code. Again any recommendation will be genuine and only provided after a first-hand review.

The Site also earns an income from advertising placed by Google AdSens

Privacy Policy and Disclosure: Welcome
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